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Constructive Dialogue: Fostering Trust, Curiosity, and Deeper Learning in the Classroom - AASCU

Constructive Dialogue: Fostering Trust, Curiosity, and Deeper Learning in the Classroom

Resources and professional development equipping campus faculty to promote civil discourse and deliberative dialogue within their classrooms and across their campuses.

Providing campus faculty and staff with resources and professional development to foster civil discourse within their classrooms and throughout their campuses.

Participating faculty will use online resources, attend monthly online cohort meetings with faculty across the country, and present work at the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE) meeting in Boston in June 2023 where they demonstrate how to integrate constructive dialogues across the curriculum. 

2022-2023 cohort member campuses
Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands

    Participants use these these resources to equip students with the mindsets and skillsets to have difficult conversations.

    Constructive Dialogue Institute's Perspectives modules.

    Research on constructive dialogue in the classroom.

    Notes the critiques of bridge-building in order to promote discussion about social justice communities.

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    How an online educational program can reduce polarization and improve dialogue in college classrooms.

    Details the randomized study, summarizes the findings, and provides recommendations for fostering mutual understanding and constructive dialogue in the classroom and on campus more broadly. 

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    Explores three techniques for communicating and collaborating across differences: moral reframing, separating goals from strategies, and integrative thinking. 

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    Notes how Perspectives users experienced small- to medium-sized decreases in affective polarization, small to medium-sized increases in intellectual humility (understanding the limits of one’s knowledge) and increases in sense of belonging. 

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    Provides insights not only into debate-based course design and learning improvement strategies but also into how faculty, students, and administrators can partner between institutions to demonstrate a shared commitment to the civic mission of higher education and democratic promise of our nation. 

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    Webinar: Research-Based Strategies for Fostering Constructive Dialogue
    October 6, 2022

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