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AASCU Spouse/Partner Program 

The Spouse/Partner Program recognizes the important role of presidential spouses/partners and provides leadership development, networking, and skill-building opportunities to those serving in these critical positions.

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Julie Virjee and Darlene Repollet at 2022 Annual Conference.
Rachel Frick-Cardelle and Darlene Repollet at 2022 Annual Conference.

Leadership through a different lens.  

The role and expectations of a presidential spouse or partner may vary by region, institution, and personal preference. But some factors are common, such as your desire to support your spouse or partner. The Spouse/Program is designed to inform and foster an understanding of what you’ll need to thrive in the university environment, the surrounding community, and in your personal life.  

Who should participate?

  • Presidential spouses/partners  

How will you benefit?

  • Networking opportunities 
  • Professional development  
  • A community of support from fellow spouses/partners 
program highlights

A community of support.

The AASCU Spouse/Partner Program provides networking opportunities, professional development, and guidance, all tailored to the unique needs of presidential spouses and partners.  

Program offerings include conferences, symposiums, webinars, and brown bag sessions. They are delivered in a confidential, supportive, and comfortable setting that enables presidential spouses and partners to discuss shared journeys, challenges and wins.

The AASCU Annual Conference includes programming designed specifically for spouses/partners. Presidential spouses/partners network with colleagues and learn how they are balancing the many and varied responsibilities of their roles.  

Sessions may focus on: 

  • The Spouse/Partner Role in Fund and Friend-raising 
  • Ideas for Campus and Community Engagement 
  • Managing Expectations 
  • The Varying Roles of Spouses/Partners 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Topical Roundtables 
  • Navigating Legislative Matters  
  • Crisis Management 
  • Brand Management and Communication Tools 
  • Time Management/Creating and Maintaining Relationships 
  • Recognizing and Handling Challenges  

“AASCU’s Spouse/Partner Program is truly unique and is an inspiring professional development space for presidential spouses. We work hard to provide a meaningful, supportive space for all of our dynamic spouses and partners to flourish. We do this through developing timely and relevant training and programming by subject matter experts. More importantly, we create spaces where caring connection and conversations can take place. These connections are so important and serve as a constant reminder that each of us are a part of a thoughtful community of leaders who are committed to enriching the lives of our students at our various institutions.” 

Alison N. Nooks, MBA, MA

Director of Graduate Career Management Services
Gordon State College (GA)
Upcoming events for Spouses and partners

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Presidential Postsecondary Value Commission Task Force

AASCU works to expand life-changing opportunities and close opportunity gaps. We know it is more important than ever to better understand and communicate the value of postsecondary education. 

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Answering the call.

AASCU and our members play a vital role in reimagining a postsecondary education system centered on ensuring equitable value and reimagining our postsecondary system as an instrument to create a stronger and more just society together.  

AASCU presidents answered the call to action issued by former AASCU Board Chair and President of the Arkansas State University System Chuck Welch to engage in a coordinated and organized effort to further the work of the 2021 Postsecondary Value Commission (PVC) report that proposed a new approach for measuring the value of education after high school. AASCU President Mildred García co-chaired the commission. 

Following the call, AASCU formed the Presidential Postsecondary Value Commission Task Force. The task force is focused on the five key areas the PVC Commission outlined:  

  • Equalize access to increase postsecondary value  
  • Remove affordability as an impediment to postsecondary value 
  • Eliminate completion gaps and strengthen post-college outcomes to ensure postsecondary value 
  • Improve data to expose and address inequitable postsecondary value 
  • Promote social justice by providing equitable postsecondary value 

Task Force Goals:

  • Engage in a coordinated and organized effort to further the work of the Postsecondary Value Commission report to place a spotlight on AASCU institutions as a collective.  
  • Share the equity work outlined in the report that our institutions are already doing via promising practices that demonstrate value added through personal enrichment, preparation for successful careers, and contributions to society.  

Share your promising practice.

To help AASCU institutions tell their story as it relates to the action agenda, we created an online portal for members to submit their promising practices.  

Share practices.

AASCU member campuses are taking charge for a better tomorrow. Read and share what your colleagues around the country are doing to make a difference.

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