VSA Analytics


VSA Analytics

VSA Analytics is a robust, interactive, and user-friendly platform for colleges and universities to compare and analyze key performance metrics across institutions.

VSA Analytics Sample
This is a sample of a VSA Analytics report.

VSA Analytics is a tool developed by AASCU and APLU to support state colleges and universities as they use national data to measure their performance to improve student success and institutional effectiveness. The tool has 25 key performance metrics to view and way to create a custom group of peers. The interactive reports combine publicly available data from multiple sources and present it in a format where institutions can benchmark their performance against their peers. The data can be used for accountability reporting, accreditation, and strategic planning.

Who should participate?

  • Any state college or university

How will you benefit?

  • Interactive reports allow institutions to benchmark with peers
  • 25 key performance metrics
  • Custom analytical and graphical reports built in just minutes
  • Eliminates the need to spend days searching, downloading, integrating and analyzing data
  • Access to data on admissions, enrollment, retention, graduations rates, degrees, financial aid, institutional costs, R&D expenditures, student debt, median salary, and more
  • Add as many campus users as you like and download the entire custom dataset.

Learn about the VSA Analytics program
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key performance metrics you can view and manipulate


years of data including admissions, enrollment, retention, degrees, financial aid, institutional costs, R&D expenditures, student debt, and more


number of institutions included in data from IPEDS, NSF, the College Scorecard, and the Student Achievement Measure

“Serving as chair of the VSA Analytics Board of Directors this past year has been both an honor and an eye-opening experience. Each and every time I encounter the VSA Analytics team, I leave the meetings wishing I was aware of this spectacular tool earlier in my career. The data are both relevant and responsive to the needs of university personnel working to enhance student success.
Moreover, VSA Analytics is customizable for multiple categorical queries within the same department or across campus. I strongly encourage my colleagues to examine and subscribe to this highly impactful instrument.”

Ronald S. Rochon

University of Southern Indiana

Program Partner